Exadata Services

Exadata Services

Oracle Exadata delivers the world’s first database machine that supports reporting (OLAP), data warehousing, Oracle Data Mining and online transaction processing (OLTP). It does it all faster, better and more economically than anything else. From Exadata migration to managed services, ORAXperts has the expertise to make your Oracle Exadata experience fulfilling by meeting your operational objectives.

Our database consultants, architects and developers with vast hands-on Oracle experience deliver flexible solutions during every stage of your Exadata project ranging from migration and upgrade solutions to managed services and disaster recovery. Our Exadata services are:


Planning made easy. We do the in-depth analysis to determine the best implementation strategy. Exadata is a very powerful database machine and efforts must be made to get most returns on this investment. During this assessment service, our consultant will discuss requirements with you and suggest various options to achieve maximum ROI.

Migration and Re-Platforming

ORAXperts install, set-up, test and verify the migration of your databases to Exadata while minimizing downtime requirements for your production cutover. Our consutlant

Performance and Tuning

Given the power of computing in this product, sometime developers oversight the importance of good coding practices and in those situations even Exadata may require optimization efforts to achieve challenging performance goals. Our consultant will review the performance of your new Exadata environment, recommend and implement changes to optimize your performance.

Backup/Recovery and DR Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

Our database consultant will review and test backup/ recovery systems – and recommend necessary changes – to ensure a level of accessibility and recovery speed that meets your requirements. We’ll also test mission critical DR plans to verify process and procedures work as specified.

January 22, 2012