OEM Services

OEM Services

Today’s computing environments are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Multi-tier applications, high availability, firewalls, load balances, SANs, disaster recovery sites, remote users and VPNs only skim the surface of these complex issues. Without the proper tools, managing these environments is difficult and very expensive. ORAXperts can help your business overcome these challenges with our unique Oracle Enterprise Manager services.

Spanning applications, middleware, and database management, Oracle Enterprise Manager's unique "top-down" approach enables your Information Technology (IT) departments to focus on what matters to your business – high quality service, greater agility, and lower operational costs. Oracle Enterprise Manager gives you the power to manage your applications – from what matters to your business – high quality service, greater agility, and lower operational costs. Oracle Enterprise Manager gives you the power to manage your applications – from monitoring service levels to proactively isolating business exceptions before they escalate, and remediating issues at any level of the IT stack. Oracle is the only vendor that has a complete and integrated management solution for your applications, your software infrastructure and other IT components.

Our experienced consultants can help you to implement a compressive Oracle Enterprise Manager system including installation, advance configuration and maintenance of your Oracle Enterprise Manager system.

Design and build

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a very powerful system management solution though technically complex solution, which requires in depth understanding and knowledge this product's architecture before designing and building. ORAXperts consultants have required experience in designing and building OEM platform for big organizations through out Australia. Thorough understanding of IT infrastructure to be managed by this system management tool is required and ORAXperts consultant will liaise with concerned technical team to understand customer's requirement in terms of managing and monitoring the IT infrastructure supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager. Successful implementation of OEM is dependant on how this product is being used, which included how different features such as SYSTEMS, GROUPS, SERVICES, JOBS and OEM provisioning is being used. Our experienced consultants will help you to define processes and framework for OEM to maximize ROI and reducing OPEX.

Advance Configuration

Efforts must be made to ensure high availability of the OEM platform so that monitoring and management features are available at all time especially when IT infrastructure being monitored by this OEM platform. ORAXperts consultant can help to design and implement high available configuration for your OEM platform ranging from clustered Oracle Management Repository to Oracle Management Services ensuring there is no single point of failure in the platform.

Pro-active Support

Having a technically complex architecture, generally organizations do not have required skills to manage the OEM application in house and require IT service providers to support it frequently. ORAXperts provide this pro-active support service in which ORAXperts consultant regularly analyze critical parameters of your OEM platform along with important log files of the Oracle Management Service, Oracle Management Repository and Oracle Weblogic Server. This service provide access to skilled consultant who knows OEM product in depth and your technical team and management team can freely discuss with consultant about your issues and get unbiased consulting advice. Along side with critical functional parameters, our consultant will also analyze performance statistics of your OEM platform including database performance and recommend changes to improve overall performance of the OEM platform.

January 22, 2012